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工業冷水機   Foshan Fusi Machinery Co.,Ltd (FUKUKAWA Machinery Co.,Ltd) is an enterprise to produce compressed air purifying devices and industrial refrigerating devices specially. The quality of the products is stable and reliable and achieves the domestic leading level. Our professional producing experience and powerful technical strength in the past many years make our products to win universal praise from the large users.
   Our products are industrial refrigerating devices basically. Up to now we have already formed two great series with over 100 sizes such as chilling style driers, adsorbing style driers, precision filters, industrial dehumidifiers, constant temperature & constant humidity machines, industrial water chillers etc. We utilize the modernization management and advanced designing & testing equipments sufficiently. We have set up a perfect managing system all over the world to make sure the best quality of our products and consummate services after sale.
   Our tenet is “Human is our root and the clients are paramount”. In the face of the future, Fusi (FUKUKAWA) will run true to form and apply ourselves to the standing developments for compressed air purifying devices and industrial refrigerating devices with the first class quality, advanced technology, perfect services.
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